Safety First

Safety and regulatory compliance are of prime importance to Two Rivers Demolition. In many cases, our health and safety requirements exceed OSHA and other industry standards.

Safe work practices and programs have become a talking point of all contractors, however, Two Rivers has put words into action with several programs that are continuously implemented throughout the year. Our Foremen and Superintendents have their own Safety Committee that meets monthly without upper management to create a safety culture from a boots on the ground perspective. Every calendar quarter we host a Safety Saturday Training and Certification Expo. All of our field personnel’s wage rates take into consideration the quantity and type of current certifications they have earned. In an industry groundbreaking move, we teamed up with Digital Ally, a world leader in the development of video surveillance products for law enforcement and homeland security, to provide our foremen with body cameras. This system allows our project managers to monitor live streaming video of their projects on a daily basis, our foremen to archive conversations for future validation, and with daily uploads allows our Safety Managers to perform audits and evaluations. Each employees’ certifications are maintained in a company database and listed on Identification cards that include their expiration dates so that every foreman can confirm current certification status for all equipment operation and project requirements.

Body Cameras worn by foremen

Body Cams

Foreman worn Body Cameras for Safety Audits and work practice verifications.

We integrate wearable video technology for our demolition crews to increase workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Daily project hazard asessment meetings

Daily Project Hazard Assessment Meetings

Demolition comes with many health and safety risks that need to be addressed for the welfare of the project and crew. New hazards arise on a daily basis, that’s why daily assessment meetings are crucial to maintaining safety on the job site. Our project team meets to identify, categorize, prioritize, and mitigate risks as they arrive.

Foremen at a safety meeting

Monthly Foreman Safety Meetings

We take our monthly foreman safety committee meetings very seriously. From hazard identification to fire and first aid training, we ensure we adhere to the OSHA regulations so we can provide the safest experience possible for our employees.

Safety Saturday Expo

Two Rivers Demolition, we offer quarterly safety expositions with solutions and information for occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges.

Safety Saturday EXPO