Demolition for industrial markets



  • An intense schedule: Forty calendar days were allotted for this $2,100,000 job.
  • The plant is an intense operation; high temperatures throughout with some areas reaching 135 degrees Fahrenheit and loud enough to require hearing protection at all times. The plant was centralized around four operational bottle manufacturing lines.
  • A spaghetti like maze of live utilities and systems had to remain within our work zone:
    • High-voltage electrical lines
    • Caustic plant process piping
    • Plumbing
    • Natural gas
    • High pressure pneumatic lines
    • Conveyors
    • Quench tanks
  • Our job was to remove everything in Furnace #2 except for the lines and systems described above and two Control Rooms. The live lines and Control Rooms required engineered shoring.
  • Items being removed included:
    • A five-story tall furnace
    • Forehearths
    • (4) bottle forming machines
    • Six stories of interconnected machinery and decking
    • 1,000 tons of iron
    • Structural floors
    • Portions of steel roof trusses
    • Slab on grade and foundations
    • Exhaust stacks
  • All while maintaining the surrounding building structure in place.
  • All of this work had to be flawlessly executed continuously 24-hours per day, 7-days per week until completed.
  • Our crane had to be located nearly 200 feet away; a 350 ton hydraulic with 55 meters of stick and a 52 meter luffer.
  • We were going to need a large workforce to accomplish our task within the fast-moving timetable. We needed skilled, experienced, and certified heavy industrial journeymen; and a lot of them. Our search for labour went nationwide. In the end, we pulled operators, torch burners, riggers, iron workers, boilermakers, and an Industrial Hygienist from the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Utah, and all parts of California. We had assembled a truly world-class team.
  • In the end, we:
    • Made up for 13 days of delays and completed the project on-time.
    • Expended more than 20,000 man-hours over a forty-day period.
  • We had zero safety incidents!
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