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  • Client: VCC Contracting / Galleria Development
  • Location: San Jose, CA
  • Highlights: $1.5 Million Project 1.1 Million Square Feet Recycled 65,000 tons of concrete Recycled 1,100 tons of iron.

This multi-story shopping mall required extensive demolition work for a major redevelopment project. Two Rivers Demolition gutted three-quarters of the two-story mall, removing 125,000 square feet of interior concrete slab and 58,000 square feet of the structural mezzanine. We were also responsible for the engineering to preserve the existing columns until the structural retrofits could be installed. The project also required demolition of a 52,000 square foot ice rink and a four-story department store building. We were able to recycle 65,000 tons of concrete into Cal-trans Class II base rock.

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