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Our satisfied customers say it all! For more than 20 years Two Rivers Demolition has built a reputation for high-quality reliable service in California and Nevada.


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I have known Two Rivers Demolition for the past 3 years, on a number of projects on Del Webb sites around the Sacramento region. The company operates on the highest standards of business practices, from management personnel, schedules, and quality of work. In the summer of 2001, I was in need of improving Del Webb’s clean-up operation at the Sun City Lincoln Hills site. Having seen Two Rivers operate on a number of projects, I approached Rodd Palon with the idea of trash removal, recycling, equipment upgrades, and budget challenges. Rodd returned a week later with a complete business plan, and we executed in the fall of 2001. The company continued to improve and excelled as Rodd introduced and improved the clean-up and recycling operation at Lincoln Hills. Rodd Palon quickly gains the respect and the cooperation of everyone he works with. His ability to focus on projects and act upon his commitments makes him and his company an ideal business partner. I believe that Two Rivers Demolition is an ideal company for the City of Lincoln to work with. 

Alex Prokop

Del Webb’s Northern California Communities

“The demolition, recycling and environmental solutions provided by Two Rivers Demolition, Inc. have been what appears to be an efficient, successful and professional endeavor. As a neighbor to this site, the job crew was quiet, clean and professional. The structure came down quickly and the materials were collected in an organized manner. I appreciate knowing that 90% of the materials we’re able to be recycled and minimal pollutants were found on site. The use of large trucks for hauling away the materials was a minimal impact on the neighborhood. As well, they kept the site watered to reduce the wind from carrying the dust and debris. I appreciate this company for the attitude it takes to do a good job.”


Cole Butler

Imagination Director and Architect, Laughing Gravity Studios

 “In the last two months, I have visited the Two Rivers C&D facility several times and have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rodd Palon and Mr. Kevin Delaney. From my experience with these types of operations, this one is first class and has a very professional management team in place. They are innovative and reliable; two characteristics which are rare in this type of industry.”

Tim Lynch

Agra Trading

“We have done business with Two Rivers Demolition since 1995. We consider Two Rivers Demolition to be a notable company with virtuous employees. Through all of our business dealings with Two Rivers, we have experienced professionalism at the highest level and found them to be a company that is accomplished and committed to environmental management and responsibility. It is always a pleasure doing business with Two Rivers Demolition.”

Sharon Hays

Schnitzer Steel 

“Please inform your field foreman Mark, that he and his crew performed over and above on this project and he has the thanks of our field superintendent Mike Runyon and myself. He [Mark} was courteous, safe, always in good cheer and always complied with our requests. Because of his actions, The Bosworth Company was able to maintain our difficult schedule.”

Mike Bailey

The Bosworth Company

“Roebbelen site Superintendent (Rand Ressler) and Field Foreman (Jaime Rubio) would like to acknowledge the exceptional performance by Two Rivers Demolition. The crew for Two Rivers guided by their Superintendent, Alfredo Martinez, showed exceptional skill in the performance of their assigned tasks. Two Rivers Demolition’s on-site foreman worked in unity with their Superintendent, and in a harmonious manner which made quick work of any and all obstacles encountered. The Two Rivers Demolition Superintendent (Alfredo Martinez) and his crew are welcome on my job sites now and in the future. Their willingness to go the extra mile, be a team player, and assist Roebbelen with foul weather protection when sudden storms developed, has been greatly appreciated. I believe it is a contractor’s duty to do a good job without recognition. This letter is being generated for that which was done above and beyond.”

Rand Ressler