Founded in 1996 Two Rivers Demolition Inc., serves California and Nevada by providing comprehensive solutions for the most complex projects.

We are committed to providing:

  • The highest recycle and reuse rates possible for every job.
  • The highest financial return on your obsolete equipment and machinery.
  • Comprehensive solutions that reduce the need for additional contractors.
  • Safety for our employees and clients.

We Are Your One-Stop Shop for Front-End Project Services: Our diverse suite of service offerings eliminates the need for multiple contractors, inter-trade disputes, and streamlines project timelines.

Meet Our Team

Tony Graundstadt

Tony Graunstadt

Project Manager /Estimator

Tony brings a strong background in general engineering and industrial demolition to the management team. He’s held his demo license since 1995 and has been doing scrap and investment recovery for nearly 20 years as well. Prior to joining Two Rivers Demolition, he was the President and Owner of Delta Demolition.


Rodd Palon

President - LEED AP

1996-Present Rodd was born in Cambridge, England to a US Air Force family then later moved to California where he became a two-time All-American 400-meter hurdler. He has 30-years of executive management in the demolition and environmental remediation industries. Rodd founded Two Rivers Demolition in 1996 which was first ranked on KHL’s list of the 100 largest demolition companies in the world in only its seventh year in existence, was shortlisted for the 2015 World Demolition Summit Industrial Project of the Year Award, and has completed more than $150 million in demolition and asbestos abatement work.

Bruce Schmitt - project manager at 2Rivers

Bruce Schmitt

Project Manager/Estimator

2015-Current With over 47 years in the industry, his experience includes estimating and managing projects for industrial, commercial demolition, hazardous material handling, and renovation projects.

Michel Trevino

Michel Trevino

Project Manager/Estimator - Abatement Foreman

2012 - Present Michel started as a foreman, performing demolition and hazardous materials abatement in 2012. He was promoted to project manager/estimator in 2017.

Phil Walter - project manager and estimator with 35 years of experience in demolition projects

Phil Walter

Project Manager - Estimating

Phil’s background boasts 35 years of selective and total demolition projects. For eight of those years he was managing projects with the largest saw cutting and demolition company in the U.S. Phil knows and understands the challenges that this industry and our geographic area can bring, and successfully implements this experience and knowledge in each and every job he performs on.

Project Manager

Unlike most large scale contractors, we do not employ separate estimators and project managers; they must do both. When you start working with one of our estimators, that person will become your primary contact throughout the course of your project.


Our eyes, ears, and boots-on-the-ground crew leaders work integrally with our upper management to teach and implement our work processes and safety procedures. They meet monthly without management oversite to address the safety issues of the day and to come up with suggestions for management to continue improving our in-field practices. Our 20+ foremen have been employed here on average 10.7 years. This brings experience, continuity, and success to your projects.

One Stop-shop

For a quarter of a century, Two Rivers Demolition has been an all-encompassing one-stop-shop provider of DEMOLITION and HAZ-MAT Remediation Services. Our diverse suite of service offerings eliminates the need for multiple contractors, inter-trade disputes, and streamlines project timelines.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Two Rivers Demolition is committed to getting maximum value for assets and reflecting that savings back to you. We have an extensive worldwide network of commercial and industrial buyers around the globe in places like Peru, Brazil, India, and China.

Types of Assets We Recover:

  • Steel
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Rolling Stock (anything on wheels)
  • Electrical Switch Gear
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations Items (MRO)
  • All Re-Deployable Assets

Hazardous Material Abatement

Hazardous Material Abatement by TwoRivers Demolition

We are a large-scale provider of Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Abatement services.

We have Asbestos Certification from the California Contractors State License Board License # 726647. We are state certified to perform asbestos-related work by the Department of Industrial Relations Division Of Occupational Safety and Health. Certificate #815 We are a licensed hazardous waste hauler by the Department Of Toxic Substances Control. Transporter Registration #4959

Total Demolition

Total Demolition Services by Two Rivers Demolition

We have the equipment and man-power resources to get the job done in a short time frame.
Total structure demolition services include:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Towers
  • Bridges
  • Buildings

Selective and Surgical Demolition

Selective and surgical demolition by Two Rivers

We provide comprehensive interior selective demolition without disturbing the structural integrity of the building.

  • Our specialized zero-emission electric machinery creates a healthier environment for all people when working inside of buildings.
  • Our fleet includes remote control Brokk robotic demolition equipment to access tight spaces efficiently and safely.
  • Sherpa and Avant Loaders
  • Volvo E2 Electric Excavator.


Recycling materials during demolition projects

Two Rivers Demolition is committed to achieving the highest possible recycling rate with every project by carefully deconstructing buildings and repurposing materials. This effort not only cuts down on costs to our customers but significantly increases the lifespan of our diminishing landfills. At Two Rivers Demolition, we are always innovating, as we actively working towards our goal to achieve 100% recycling with all projects. Our company President, Rodd Palon, has served on the Board of Directors for the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA / CDRA) and is personally committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve recycling practices.

The following are examples of ways we can recycle materials:

  • Concrete can be crushed and processed to make necessary aggregates to serve as the foundations for new community roads and buildings.
  • Wood can be mulched and turned into compost or shredded to create fuel for co-generation plants that supply clean electricity to the region.
  • Metals can be melted down and become feedstock for manufacturing new products.
  • Nylon carpet can be reprocessed into raw material for the manufacturing of new plastic and polymer products.
  • Gypsum board can be used in the agricultural industry or reprocessed into new gypsum products.

LEED Projects

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is a national benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings. Certified projects can qualify for special tax incentives and zoning allowances. Two Rivers Demolition has LEED Certified personnel, supports LEED projects, and can assist in earning points toward LEED certification.

Onsite Recycling Services

  • Two Rivers Demolition performs mobile concrete and asphalt recycling.
  • We purchased the sorting system used to process and recover forensic evidentiary materials, personal items of victims, and other valuable assets from the 911 World Trade Center disaster.

Structural Stabilization

Building stabilization

Either through seismic events, mother nature, age, or man-caused acts, buildings can become unstable and dangerous. We have a long history of active engagement with specific structural engineers who specialize in the bracing, shoring, and stabilization of unsafe structures.

Licensed in CA & NV

Two Fivers Demolition is licensed in CA and NV

Two Rivers Demolition, Inc. is licensed in California and Nevada.


  • Demolition work (C-21)
  • Asbestos abatement (C-22 and DOSH registration)
  • General Engineering (A)
  • Hazardous Waste Hauler (California Department of Toxic Substance Control) Hazardous Transporter number is 4959.

Contractor’s State License Board Number: 726647. Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Asbestos Registration Number: 815.


Contractor’s License Board Number is 0084882
A-13 Wrecking Buildings
A-7 Excavating and Grading